Tracing Italy’s
Culinary Momentum

What We Eat Is Who We Are.

Salt & Wonder is looking for traditional food reinvented.
Inspiring narratives fuel our hunt for everyday people who are pushing food to a higher level.
We find beauty in their processes and idealism, from the simplest mantra to the most complicated recipe.

Ingredients  &  Recipes

Ingredients & Recipes

Innovative Products  &  Techniques

Innovative Products & Techniques

Portraits:  Chefs  &  Food Concepts

Portraits: Chefs & Food Concepts

Restaurant  &  Bars

Restaurant & Bars


Great taste begins with great ingredients

Show us your traditions, your techniques reinvented, your local ingredients,
sustainable farming, historic products, and food innovations.

we’re curious about:
artichokes, truffles, hazelnuts, balsamic vinegar, rice,
herbs, street food, espresso, cheese, and bakeries

The top of the Peninsula

We’ve identified the area between the Ligurian Sea and the top of the Adriatic.
That means Tuscany, Turin, Florence, Milan, Bologna, and all the unique villas and farm-towns in between.

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portraits of Innovation

History is made by individuals willing to take the risk and redefine the world on their own terms.
In the food scene, these people are the chefs and business owners challenging present day norms.

If you are a chef, producer, restauranteur, or start-up
who has ever been called “crazy,” we want your photo.

In particular:
farm to table, food fusion, pasta philosophy, slow food, organic farming


Connect the past with the
present and

discover the future.

A culinary movement

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