Arctic Harmony Research Week in Reykjavík — December 2017

Iceland has caught me.

Iceland has caught me.

With a suitcase full of excitement, and though a bit off my comfort zone, I arrived in Reykjavik, a city covered in snow and pinkish light. After living a very fast year, the check-in at ION City Hotel moved me slightly into this inbetween-travel-mode and welcomed me with that familiar, Icelandic coziness.

The urban nordic atmosphere of the boutique ION City hotel was the perfect base for a week of city discovery and working. At the hotel’s attached restaurant, Sümac, I ordered a Salmon Kumquat with Coriander and Fennel followed by a Matcha-Vodka Cocktail to celebrate life.

Reykjavik treated me with long sleeps and I found smiles in re-filling coffees from Reykjavik Roasters, a Licorice Cake from Julia & Julia and an amazing soft cinnamon roll from Braud&co.


A different angle, still Europe.

My days were filled with interviews for Issue 02, meeting new people at Great Ocean Cluster House (known as Sjavarklasinn), collecting stories and unusual food experiences. Between ticking off my google-map locations, I was soaking up all the variety Reykjavik has to offer. Photo walking tours with new friends like @swetans finished with a few Christmas beers at Bryggjan Brugghús or KEX bar with a stunning sunset view.

Being in Iceland is like reading a book, just listening to the people and diving into their stories. It felt like a magical trance. And it lasts for hours, until you reach the end of a chapter. It was so inspiring to see which fields people come from and that every story has its unique point of view of life & work philosophy.

On my last day I enjoyed an amazing dinner at Skal in the new food hall Hlemmur Matthöll and ended the trip with a inspirational food-talk about working for harmony and meaningfulness.

After a lot of notes and excited calls to Tom Rose & Stefanie Fellinger, the layout-adventure will start soon.

— Anna

Stofan Kaffihús — Filter Coffee
Braud & Co. — Cinnamon Roll
Grillmarkadurinn — Reindeerburger
Hlemmur Matthöll — A big variety
Bergsson Mathus — Perfect with a walk through the harbour

Kaldi Bar — Great own-brew beer
Bryggjan Brugghús — Christmas Beer & Jazz Night
SKÁL —The perfect dessert

Anna Sarcletti