Salt & Wonder explores the world of driven creatives and business owners in the food scene. Our content focuses on ambitious startups with non-commercial backgrounds. It is a playground for us and friends around the globe, as well as an opportunity to live and experience culture and traveling in a deeper and more honest way. It all stems from personal discovery in the field of :

culture, travel, food, design and entrepreneurship.


Born with Anna Sarcletti in Austria, the magazine’s core team resides internationally. Connected by a shared love of travel and a cohesive creative vision, they are:

Anna Sarcletti Founder & Art Director, plus a background of Anthropology. Besides crafting & reflecting her natural Intuition for visual content, she felt the need to dive deeper  to analyze society and how it behaves.

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Stefanie Fellinger Creative Director. Stefanie gives a fresh spin on things with a pinch of sociology and humanistic value. She’s a creative mind with a love for visual aesthetics driven by her intention to inspire and move with meaningful storytelling

Joanna Turner – Writing

Thomas Rose – Deputy Editor in Chief. With a background in journalism and the arts, Thomas brings his American confidence and can-do attitude to the editorial side. With a sharp eye for tone and style, he maintains a consistent voice throughout publications.

Lara Langner



Ingrid Hofstra Photography

Maddy Ritchie – Illustration

Andrea Jost – Illustration

Chris Coe – Photography