Creative Contribution

We believe in a culture of exchange, collaboration and sharing. The Salt & Wonder team has built up over the last years by people driven by their love to create and share stories that should be told in the field of travel and culinary start-up culture. A team that started gluing together over crosscountry creation and creative collaboration. Driven by the belief to add stories to the world that inspire change and lift the good food stories and people behind out there.

We believe there is more out there than money to reward our work. So there is no salary we get, there is no money we pay. We believe in value exchange by knowledge, connection, creative expression and the power of connecting to like-minded creatives out there. Each team member is free to work and share independently as much as they want. Flexibly adding to the Salt & Wonder project on different levels.
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The New Old Food Stories 2020

With our 3 issues we’ve explored Portugal, Iceland and Italy. There’s so much more stories out there to tell around the globe, so many experiences to tell. Have you eaten somewhere outstanding? Stumbled upon a product on your travels? See a new project popping up in the place you live? And you feel you wanna share this story with the world?  That’s why we opened up space now to curate stories from creatives like you who have a culinary story to tell on our new blog format to be launched soon and our instagram channels. Ready to become part of the new Salt & Wonder blog format? Submit your story idea and we’ll have you published in our new digital food format. 


Support The Salt & Wonder Marketing for Issue 03 

Our mission is to spread the word about small scale culinary start-up culture we experience on our travels to inspire cross cultural for a new understanding about modern food culture with the products, people and places we got to know. Our print issue is the strong core to manifest these stories. We are currently in the final phase of production of Issue 03, to be published soon. To bring these stories also to other channels of communication and more likeminded people out there we are looking for support within the team. You want to use your knowledge in Marketing to help spread the Salt & Wonder stories and mission even further. Great, we got some things we need your helping hands...
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Create Conversation About Food Culture With Salt & Wonder 
We like to bring our stories to live. Transform them from print into real experiences. That’s why we opened up the Salt & Wonder Days. From Brunch, to Lectures, Food Experiences, Workshops, Podcasts. If you have an idea and want to connect Salt & Wonder to your city, let’s talk!
Currently on the look for food partners, venues, talk opportunities,
food experiences, workshops, podcasts