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Salt & Wonder is an independent print magazine portraying the roots and new movements of the culinary startup culture in Europe, one city at a time. We are a high quality indie magazine with an cultural background on the search for innovation and tradition.

Issue 02

Rising Tides in Reykjavík

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Issue 02

The Nordic Cuisine
of Reykjavík

Salt & Wonder Issue 02 – Rising Tides in Reykjavik will feature interviews with two of the city’s most inspiring chefs, explore the country’s complicated relationship with alcohol alongside one-of-a-kind new producers, and take you to the far reaches of the Icelandic island for breathtaking views of stunning natural terrain and landscapes.

Diving into people’s history puts you in some kind of magical trance every time. Read more on our  behinde-the-scenes journal.



Authentic Storytelling

We believe in authentic storytelling and never give up on beauty and inspiration.

We want to foster cultural understanding in an authentic and creative way, and to inspire and showcase concepts which don’t get enough attention. We believe that in a world of uniformity people once again value the odd, unique and spectacular. Though still niche, interest is clearly in growth.


We are hungry for creating beautiful stories. We would love to hear about your visions, plans and ideas.
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To be the seed of surprise, fearless, and deeply rooted in discovery. 
To provide a curious and different glimpse into culinary movements.

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