Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal


Salt & Wonder is portraying new movements of the culinary startup culture, one city at a time. Our first annual print issue is dedicated to Lisbon. 

All about Lisbon

•    Salt & Wonder Manifesto 
•    Cooperation with – Lisbon is not something else. 
•    Ingredient – Illustrations from @maddy_ritchie


Portugues Ingredients

•    Coffee: Copenhagen Coffee LAB - Nordic Coffee Culture 
•    Sardines: Miss Can – A new Take on an old Tale 
•    Wine: Wine with a View – Lisbon in my Head 
•    Beer: Duque Brewpub – Brewing a New Social Culture 
•    Fruits: FRUA – Smoothies for the City Dweller 
•    Fish: Peixaria Centenária - An alternative Way 
•    Olive Oil: A Sociedade – Lisbon’s first Gastronomic Studio 
•    Honey: suvelle – The Code of Beauty 


Lisbon Travel Guide

•    The Cape of good Hope – Jenna van Schoor 
•    Two Melange and a pinch of calm – Sofie Mayer
•    Lisboa.Come – Burger & Icecream 


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